Dry Skin Solutions, Part 1

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My 3TV segment this week is timely.  Everyone is complaining about dry skin, so I showed both natural remedies, as well as a few products that I like for dry skin.  Because our show ran short on time, I wasn’t able to get to everything, so I will do part 2 next week. Take a look at the segment to see what I did get to show for dry scalp and for a flaky face.




  1. I LOVE DermaDoctor and also use it on my face. I can’t wait for next week because I feel like my legs are really dry even with soft water. Regular lotion is not really helping so I am interested in what your solutions are.

  2. Thanks Michelle! And I’m glad that you are going to watch next week because I have some good ideas for your legs. And you know what? The cohost asked me the same thing! I agree that Dermadoctor is a good line!