Beauty Blunder Quick Fixes

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Manic: A beauty blunder like flyway hair or tired eyes with little or no time to fix!

Managed: Read on to see the quick fixes I found from head to toe to keep you on the go….and looking great!

It never fails.  Just when you think you are ready to go, a beauty blunder gets in your way.  From flyaway hair to sandpaper-dry feet, one beauty blunder can ruin the day.  So, I’ve put together a list of beauty quick fixes that should have you back on your beauty track in no time.  Read on for some practical products and timely tips that this manic managed mom put to the test.

Beauty Blunder: Flyway hair full of static.
Beauty Quick Fix: Hand lotion
On hot summer days, the head rest on my driver’s seat leaves my hair flying wildly behind me once I leave the car.  Dry air can result in loss of moisture to your skin and to your hair.  For a quick fix, I carry a travel sized hand lotion in my purse.  I put a little on my palm and then rub just a tiny bit through my hair.  Celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall taught me this easy trick.

Beauty Blunder: Painful tangled hair that is making me and my daughter late in the mornings.
Beauty Quick Fix: Goody’s Ouchless line and a quick homemade detangling mix.  Since we switched to Goody’s Ouchless hair brush and comb line, life has become a bit easier and we are getting out the door faster.  My daughter used to scream as I hurriedly combed through her tangled hair.  Now I keep a homemade spray bottle handy that is filled with 1 part hair conditioner and 3 parts water.  With the right comb and the detangle spray, she is calm and we leave on time with tangle-free hair.

Beauty Blunder: Wake up with allergies….that show up on my face, too.
Beauty Quick Fix: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Intense Soothing Care facial moisturizer and Dermablend Professional Cover Crème with SPF 30.
Most people get Eczema on their elbows, back or behind the knees.  While I’m lucky that I only get a touch of Eczema, I get it in the most unsightly place, my face.  So, I have found several products that soothe, cool and then cover.

I start with a product called La Roche-Posay Toleriane.  This moisturizer is recommended for gals like me who have Eczema and other allergic reactions that show up on the face.  I like that it is fragrance-free, paraben-free with zero preservatives and no alcohol.  It is sold at Walgreens and CVS.  I have found this to work well, making it worth the $34.95 that I pay for a bottle.

After I apply the moisturizer, I then mix a little of the product in with Dermablend foundation, which is also the base that Celebrity Makeup Artist Karen Hall recommends.  Dermablend is a foundation that really covers blemishes and redness well.  Plus a little Dermablend goes a long way.  Try this combo and see if you get out the door as fast as I do with flawless skin.  Dermablend is sold at Ulta Beauty Supply stores for $34.

Beauty Blunder: Lipstick teeth and stray eye brows.
Beauty Quick Fix: I once had a friend tell me that he was embarrassed for me because I was smiling and chatting away,  but my teeth were filled with smeared lip stick.  I hate when that happens and I thanked him for telling me!  My lip stick fix that keeps the color on your lips and away from your pearly whites lies in those cosmetic wedges we use to apply foundation.  Place a clean wedge in between your lips and smack your lips together once.  Leftover lipstick is left on the wedge instead.

And speaking of lip products, did you know that your good ol’ lip balm has multiple uses?  The book called “Reader’s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things” says that lip balm can be used to remove a stuck ring on your finger or to lubricate a stuck zipper.  For my quick beauty fix, I tried the book’s suggestion to use it for fly-a-way brow hairs and it worked great.  It also moisturized the skin under the brow that can leave unsightly dry white skin flakes stuck in your dark eyebrow.  So maximize your lip balm usage to save time and money!

Beauty Blunder: Tired eyes with dark circles from allergies or not enough sleep.
Beauty Quick Fix: In addition to using a good under eye concealer and foundation, celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall taught me to apply a small amount of beige pink pressed eye shadow made by La Femme on the skin, under the inside corner of each eye.  It adds some color in the dark area, lightens the dark shadows and opens the eye.  I love this trick!  La Femme eye shadows are sold at United Beauty Supply Stores for only $3.99 so the price is right, too!

Beauty Blunder: After being on the go all day, you want to wash your face before your evening event, but don’t have the time.
Beauty Quick Fix: Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes.  100% natural and made with witch hazel, these on-the-go face cloths are oil-free, non-drying and work on all skin types.  Each towelette traps dirt and oils and contains natural extracts that tone and protect skin, while the added aloe in the product helps to restore essential moisture, which is needed in our dry desert climate.  I like that Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel is included, since this is a product that dates back to 1866.  Plus I like that the towelettes comply with the strict TSA travel guidelines, making it a perfect travel beauty accessory.  Just toss a few packs in your purse and you will be able to refresh your face in seconds.  Sold at Walgreens for $5.49 for a box of 20 facial wipes.  In fact, I just visited and found them on sale for $2.99.

Beauty Blunder:  On the run all the time, so you use hand sanitizers that dry out your skin.
Beauty Quick Fix: Several months ago I showed a moisturizing hand sanitizer and now I’ve found another one that I recommend.  Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is free of artificial fragrance, colors and parabens and is instead infused with natural antibacterial ingredients.  Australian Bush Mint is a known antibacterial and antimicrobial plant indigenous to Australia.  And a second ingredient called oleosomes are found in oil-bearing seeds that help to nourish and enhance the skin barrier.  A Jurlique 1.7 oz. bottle is sold at for $6.50 and at some Whole Foods store locations.

Beauty Blunder: Rough dry heels and feet from wearing sandals, but you have no time to schedule a pedicure.
Beauty Quick Fix: I showed this last year and I’ve got to show it again this year because the Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer with Lavender-Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy is still the best foot fix I’ve found.  The product also contains olive oil and shea butter.  I have used this sponge faithfully in the spring and summer months to keep my feet smooth.  Now that my tween daughter no longer has soft baby feet, she has started to complain about her changing feet, so she likes the spongeable, too.  Get yours for $6.49 at CVS and get 20 uses out of each sponge.

So from head to toe, hopefully some of these products and tips will keep you looking good on the go.  Share your favorite beauty quick fix tips here in the comments section.


  1. Dryer sheets are excellent for getting static out of your hair. Just rub it over your head and no more flyaways. My hair is so fine and thin that I’d be afraid to use lotion and end up looking like a greaseball. I can see where it would work great for someone with coarser hair though. If you really want to get rid of flyaways, get the Marcia Teixteira keratin treatment. It’s pricy but your hair will not react to weather. I had it done last weekend and the only word I can use to describe it is ‘life changing’.