10 Under $10 Drug Store Beauty Picks – My 3TV Segment This Week

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     Manic:  Part of my Channel 3 job is to study the mountains of beauty products that hit store shelves and then report back to viewers what is new and/or popular in inexpensive (and sometimes expensive) beauty items.

Managed:  I got smart and streamlined.  My local Walgreens beauty consultant is VERY good at what she does.  She knows her stuff, her store’s products, the trends, customer favorites and more.  So, once a month she and I will select the month’s top ten beauty items that include brand new products, customer picks and some of her top selections.  We kick off this monthly segment today, so watch the segment to see what’s hot in the beauty aisle this month!

1.  Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam ($9.99) – I don’t have any personal experience with this product, but my expert tells me that the foam application tones and highlights and is drip-free.  This is a real plus for busy gals who don’t have a lot of time to clean up after a hair touch-up.  And her customers tell her that it lasts up to 8 weeks, another time-saving plus.

2.  Garnier Fructis New Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm with Argan Oil – ($3.99) – I’m a big fan of the blow out.  In fact, when done right, my hair style will last for up to four days!  So, I was thrilled to try this product and I like it.  It provides frizz resistance with hair that stays shiny and smooth.  And again, the price is right!

3.  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles – ($9.99) – This is one that I’m really excited about because I like the Age Rewind line.  And since many other gals like it, Maybelline just expanded the brand to include a treatment concealer for under the eyes.  My biggest complaint since I became a mother 13 years ago are the dark puffy circles I get under my tired eyes, so I’m all about this new product!  Infused with Goji Berry plus Haloxyl, this concealer does the trick to conceal dark circles and smooth out puffy pockets that make eyes look so tired.

4.  Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Lip Color – ($7.79) – My expert loves this because this lip color gives lips automatic shine, so there is no need for a top layer of extra lip gloss.  I love the price and the big selection that includes 54 stunning shades.  Plus if you visit Maybelline.com, free makeup lessons are included that can be printed out so you can do it yourself.  Pretty cool! I bought the Nude Glow shade and the Glisten Lip Pink color and I love them both!

5.  Q-tips Precision Tips – ($2.79) – I had to laugh when a friend of mine saw these and stated that Q-tips finally got it together and created tapered ends!  This does make sense because these new Q-tips can be used to touch up lip liner and eyebrows, erase nail polish that runs on to cuticles and more.  Plus the back of the box shows multiple household uses that include cleaning jewelry, painting and a variety of other helpful ideas.  Thank you Q-tips!

6.  Montagne Jeunesse Peel-Off Masque & Spa Facial Face Tonic – ($1.99/$1.01) – My expert tells me that teen girls love these masks for sleepovers! At under $2 bucks a piece, I see why.  Simply take out of the package, apply to face for the time specified on the package and peel off.  A fun way to get a fresh face.  I haven’t tried this myself because I have super sensitive skin, but I’m told that customers love these inexpensive home spa treatments.

Plus their products have the seal proving that they don’t do any animal testing and meet the vegetarian standard, which means that the products are suitable for vegetarians.  The Cucumber Masque Peeling has interesting ingredients that include cucumber, ginseng, jasmine, Vitamin E and more.  Montagne Jeunesse offers a variety of masks that are sold at Walgreens.  To see the complete line, visit www.montagnejeunesse.com.

7.  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails – ($1.99) – You gotta love this!  Sally Hansen revamped their popular Hard As Nails line and brought the price down!  Thanks Sally Hansen!  Over 20 new shades are now available with cool glittery colors like the Frozen Solid blue hue.

8.  Gold Bond Ultimate Sheer Ribbons Body Lotion PearlRadiance – ($9.99) – I see why they call this silky moisturizer ribbons because it comes out on skin just like a ribbon.  It also feels, looks and smells good.  Uniquely scented with accents of citrus-nectarine, fresh rosewood and Asian teas, this is a lotion that I like.

9.  Dr. Hess Udder Ointment – ($9.49) – Remember the cool udder ointment that came in a jar and was thick?  Well, now it comes in a tube and is an ointment.  It is great for chronic dry skin, Eczema, cracked heels, chapped lips and more.  Plus the Dr. Hess brand has been around since 1893, so it definitely a trusted brand.

10.  J.R. Watkins Rejuvenating Foot Cream – ($8.99) – I love the peppermint scent and that this product is paraben-free, dye-free and more.

Stay tuned next month for more 10 Under 10 beauty picks.  What is your favorite drug store beauty brand?  Share here in the comments section


  1. Loved the beauty buys! Great segment:):)

  2. I’m going to have to try some of these, especially the Gold Bond lotion, the new Q-tips and the foot cream. I use Aveda’s foot cream and it’s twice the price. I’m hoping this one works just as well.