Helpful Home Remedies

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Manic:  Being a mom during cold and flu season plus having to deal with household first aid situations, too!

Managed:  Sharing home rememdies between moms.  Here are some very helpful ideas that I showed in my Channel 3 segment last week, including one that involves a hockey stick with duct tape!  Watch the segment so see what I mean because I also cover cold and flu remedies.  Stay well out there!

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  1. maryanne says:

    loved your segment–some new things to try.

    Besides fresh air and a walk in the woods, with my dog Annie trailing along, I try to keep myself healthy with a few supplements and food, BUT when the virus or bacteria attack my usual defense is drops of oregano (by North American herb and spice) under my tongue and drops of astragalus in every cup of herbal tea I drink. Also try to take a daily probiotic.

    Thanks for these many tips—but don’t get many scorpions here in Maryland!