Weekly Pet Pic: Meet Jenny & Cleopatra-The Circle of Life!

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Last week we honored the passing of one of our managedmoms.com subscriber’s cat, K.D. who lived to be 19 years old!  K.D.’s family includes two kids who adored her.

Mama Marty decided to take her grieving kids to the Arizona Humane Society, where there is an overabundance of homeless kitties.  Marty and her family did not leave empty-handed!  Take a look…


Meet Cleopatra!

Meet Jenny the new kitty!

We are so  happy for your new additions!  Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any advice for bringing new kitties home?

Since we adopted little Lucy in May, our best advice is to give the kitties lots of love and playtime!  So much fun and how cool that two adorable cats have been rescued. Cleopatra and Jenny represent the circle of life, as J.D. lives on in the family’s hearts. Congratulations to Cleo and Jenny’s new humans!

Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them and post them every weekend to remind us humans to relax with our four-legged friends for a bit!  Have a good Sunday and a wonderful fall break for those of you enjoying  a week off of school this week!


  1. What adorable kittens. One looks like a white tiger.