Update on Foster…Who We Now Call Oliver!

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Manic:  My cat farm (as I call my house) situation since I became a foster mom to one very special cat last Friday.

Managed:  This cat!  He has been very well behaved and easy to manage since we took him out of the rain and into our home last Friday!  Here is an update on his situation…

OllieIf you haven’t read the story that I posted this weekend, do so here and get up to speed on this amazing cat’s unexpected arrival that had him literally sitting on our front door mat, politely meowing to come in!  If you read the first post, then you know that we took him in and tried to find his neighborhood owners.  I didn’t have any luck with that because I learned that the family who had him (and apparently a lot of other cats) moved away and left him behind!  Ugh!  I had a bad feeling that is what had happened.  And you know what?  I’m kind of glad about that because I wouldn’t want him going back to them anyway.  And that is because he is the nicest boy cat that I have ever met and he deserves to be in a loving home with people that appreciate just how unique and awesome he is, this sweet boy!

Since we took him in, we keep him in our guest bathroom, so that he is separated from our other cats, especially since he isn’t fixed yet.  That happens tomorrow.  Tomorrow I take him to be neutered. He has been super good going in his litter box.  He also amazes us because he doesn’t cry to get out after our many very loving visits with him.  He really is pretty unbelievable, this special guy who has captured my heart!

I have received a lot of encouraging emails and Facebook posts about him.  Thank you all for your support because when I first took him in, I felt fearful and conflicted about what to do.  Now as he gazes into my eyes, as if he is saying thank you, I know that I have done exactly the right thing.  He also likes to place his paw on my hand like we are holding hands.  And he purrs constantly.  He really is more like a lap dog than a cat.  He loves our entire family, but he is especially loyal to me, climbing in my lap and nuzzling my face every time I pay him a visit!

So, we’ve had lots of name suggestions from your correspondence.  Some ideas were Kitty, Tukee, Foster and finally Oliver (thanks Liz).  We decided that Oliver is the perfect name for him because our daughter is currently in the upcoming Oliver production at the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre and our Oliver is an orphan for sure.  In fact, as I combed the neighborhood trying to find his owners, I found a poster that my friend told me about that showed this same friendly guy relaxing happily in their home.  The poster was also looking for his original owners.  I’m not sure how he didn’t make it with that nice and temporary family, but somehow he seemed to know to come to the Harris home instead!  So he has been an orphan, apparently going door to door trying to find his forever home.  Breaks my heart and warms my heart that he is so happy to be here for now!

We are hoping that Oliver isn’t a true orphan for long.

He has worked his way into my heart and his good behavior has made me truly consider keeping him.  I just don’t know if our other cats will accept him.  Time will tell and if we continue our search for the perfect home for Oliver, you can bet that I will be super picky about who gets this amazing, super sweet, loyal, well behaved and all around amazing special guy! his toys

Wish us luck tomorrow on his surgery, his recovery and our continued journey as we see what happens next with the extraordinary Oliver!



  1. Bravo,Rachel, Bravo. Oliver does indeed sound special, just like th lady who took him in!

  2. Amy Franks says:

    Oh I wish I could take him in! I love all critters and he sure deserves a nice, safe home. Thank you for taking such good care of him!

    • managedmom says:

      Thanks Amy…you would be one of the special peeps that I would give him to….if we can’t keep him, believe me, I will make sure that his next home is his final home and one that will spoil him with the love that he so deserves!

  3. Liz O'Neall says:

    What a chill cat Oliver is! So glad his story had a happy ending!