This Halloween Celebrate the Beautiful Black Cat

Since this is Halloween week, I want to take a moment to honor the beautiful black cat.  Disregard any person that tries to tell you that black cats are bad luck because that just breaks my heart.  In fact, many shelters won’t even adopt black cats out during the month of October because of the […]

Pet Product Packaging Pros & Cons

First of all, Freebie Friday will be back next week, so good luck!  Now for all of you pet lovers who have probably spent a pretty penny on your pampered pets, check out the segment I did on the Channel 3 “Your Life A to Z” KTVK morning show this week.  My pet pal panel […]

Skin Cancer In Canines & In Cats

Arizona has the second highest cases of skin cancer in the world.  Australia is the #1 place for the disease. With this knowledge I regularly see a dermatologist to have my moles and my kids’ moles checked, but I hadn’t thought about our pets.  When our writer, Lisa Walton asked me if she could […]

Sad Statistic Shows 100 Animals Are Euthanized Daily in Valley Shelters, So Help Us Change That By Reading This Post!

  When I heard that statistic, I knew I had to do something more.  Our family has adopted three cats from our local shelters and several months ago I fostered a cat.  If you didn’t see my story about fostering Oliver the cat and having him neutered, immunized and placed with an amazing family, be […]

Wonderful Websites Worth Knowing About

Manic:  The overwhelming number of websites out there.  We are all short on time and long on websites! Managed:  Decided to share my favorite ones with you to let you know which ones are worth your time.  I found some great ones, too….one that enables you to try hot new beauty products, one for parents […]

Update on Foster…Who We Now Call Oliver!

Manic:  My cat farm (as I call my house) situation since I became a foster mom to one very special cat last Friday. Managed:  This cat!  He has been very well behaved and easy to manage since we took him out of the rain and into our home last Friday!  Here is an update on […]

Keep Pets Safe from Holiday Hazards

Manic:  This time of year can feel manic to your pets as they observe their people going full-speed through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Managed:  The great  ideas in this terrific article written by writer, Lisa Walton.  Take a look at her tips to keep your pets stress-free and safe over […]