My Blog’s #1 All Time Most Read & Loved New Mexico Recipe

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Manic:  The days after Christmas when family is still visiting and all are burned out on the leftover turkey and ham.

Managed: Making something that is still holiday green but is completely different from the eaten up holiday fare and this recipe remains my #1 all time read and loved website recipe.  It is my sister-in-law’s amazing homemade green chile smothered burrito dish.  Her from scratch sauce from her family’s New Mexico recipe book is delicious and crowd pleasing, so here is an idea for a yummy dinner that you can make your company in the days after Christmas.

My sweet sister-in-law made me a little recipe book years ago that has a simple and savory homemade green chile sauce recipe.  It is New Mexico-style to boot!  I found the book, so here it is!



First the Homemade Green Chile Sauce — Easy & Pleasing!

What You Need:

1 cup blended green chile (I used Anaheim Chiles and it came out great)

1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

2/3 cup water

1/4 cup flour

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

1/2 teaspoon salt

What You Do:

1.  Place peeled and seeded green chiles into blender (about 4 to 6).  (I took out the seeds in the Anaheim, but I did not peel.)

2.  Blend them to a pesto consistency.

Here is what the Anaheim chiles looked like after I blended. Love the color!

3.  Add garlic powder, salt, flour, soup and water.  Blend until smooth.

All ingredients getting ready to be blended into a yummy sauce.
What sauce looks like after blending.


4.  Place in a medium-sized sauce pan and bring to boil, stirring constantly.

Be sure to stir constantly when bringing to a boil to stop sticking.

5.  Turn down to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to stop sticking.

Now read on to see how to make the smothered burritoes, that my family loved….

Green Chile Smothered Burritoes

What You Need:

I love that you use the homemade green chile sauce that we just made!

1 can refried beans (however, I used black beans with jalapenos mixed in instead since my family likes black beans)

1 lb. ground beef

flour tortillas

1/4 lb. cheddar cheese

homemade green chile sauce that you just made 🙂

1 Tablespoon Schilling Chopped Onion

What You Do:

1.  Brown ground beef with the onion.  Drain.

2.  Heat beans in a sauce pan until warmed.

3.  Heat green chile sauce.

4.  Grate cheddar cheese and warm tortillas in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds each.

5.   Spread one tablespoon each of meat, beans, sauce and cheese in each tortilla.

Basic ingredients from recipe fill the tortilla, but feel free to add any other fixings. Get creative!

6.   Roll up and cover with sauce. 



Done and yum! Add diced tomatoes, lettuce and grated cheese on top to give the dish some color. This manic managed mom had to run out the door after this, so I didn’t have time to add the garnishings, but I recommend that you top it with extras 🙂

So delicious and my kitchen smelled good, too!  The homemade green chile sauce smelled so good!

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Kathy, who took the time to make me my little cook book several years ago.  It is a treasure and I love her New Mexico-style cooking.

What are your favorite fixings to put in a tortilla?  Share here in the comments section!