My Morning Show Segment – Dry Scalp & Skin Solutions

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Manic:  Dry scalp, chapped lips, dry skin and more can all be pesky side effects of allergy season and of living in a dry climate.

Managed:  Found some all natural remedies as well as some product picks to fix these annoying ailments, so take a look as I showed these tips in a recent morning show segment on KTVK’s “Your Life A to Z” show…. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport


  1. I suffer from chapped lips all the time. A few times a year at least. I used to use Blistex (still do sometimes), but I have found that oils can help a lot with these sorts of conditions. Doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, e.g. I have tried castor oil as seen at However, I have also made lip scrubs which include more ingredients such as essential oils etc.