My Morning Show Segment – Dry Scalp & Skin Solutions

Manic:  Dry scalp, chapped lips, dry skin and more can all be pesky side effects of allergy season and of living in a dry climate. Managed:  Found some all natural remedies as well as some product picks to fix these annoying ailments, so take a look as I showed these tips in a recent morning […]

My Top Product & Food/Recipe Picks from my 2013 Segments

Here they are….my top picks from all of the things that I tested for my lifestyle morning show segments in 2013.  My favorite family on-the-go snack bar, favorite healthy homemade snack recipe, my favorite fashions, beauty products, get organized tool and more.  Take a look and let me know if you tried any of these […]

Freebie Friday Winner

Who is our Freebie Friday winner today? What did our winner win?  What is next week’s cool prize?  Keep on reading!!  And remember if you are a subscriber, then you are automatically entered in our weekly drawing for great prizes that include beauty items, cookware, jewelry and more!  Lots of cool stuff!  Now, let’s announce […]

My Annual List of My Top Ten Beauty Products from the Year

Manic:  The number of beauty products that I test every year for my KTVK morning show segments! Managed:  Keeping track throughout the year what products became (or remained) my favorites so that I can give you my annual top picks.…