My Bittersweet 3TV Segment: Turning Empty Nest Into Fresh Start

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When my KTVK Your Life Arizona morning show producers asked me to come on the show to discuss how to turn my upcoming empty nest into a fresh start, I paused for a second before responding.  I haven’t truly experienced the empty nest yet, but it is coming fast now.  Come late August I will join this bittersweet club.  For those of you reading this that are already living in the empty nest, feel free to share your own advice, reflections and comments in the comments section below.

One interesting tip I share in the video segment below is a helpful book about this topic called From Mom To Me Again:  How I Survived My First Empty Nest Year & Reinvented The Rest Of My Life. As I say in the segment, I am reflecting on my big upcoming adjustment to hopefully go through the transition with more good vibes than bad ones. Right before we started taping this interview, I had a flashback of when the show, Good Morning Arizona, did a series of pregnancy wellness segments with me when I carried my daughter back in 2001.  From those show segments 18 years ago to this one…the one about an empty nest.  That got here in a flash!  I had a lump in my throat more than once as we did this interview, but I don’t think it shows in the video.  Bittersweet topic for sure! Here is our discussion…


  1. Jodie Reeder says:

    Great segment Rach! Hopefully I can be one of the friends you have time for! Lunch soon?

    • says:

      For sure, although it probably won’t be until this summer. Crazy busy right now with her senior year stuff and tons of travel (almost every weekend lately) with travel this weekend and next. But for sure a nice lunch soon! Thanks and thanks for watching the segment, Jodie! XO