My 3TV Morning Show Segment: Quick Tips For Checking Into Hotels During Pandemic

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Headed to a hotel soon?  Proceed with caution since the Covid numbers are surging again.  I recently checked back into a hotel.

On my hotel balcony with mask on as I prepare for room service hotel employee to arrive. The marina view behind me rocks.

It was great to be back out there, however this segment was taped a few weeks ago before the virus numbers started to rise again.  If you are preparing to book a hotel, here are a few quick tips for a smoother (and hopefully safer) experience.  Here is my 3TV KTVK Your Life Arizona morning show segment that shares my tips.  I visited the super cool Marina del Rey Hotel in the beautiful Marina del Rey area in LA.  Take a look and be sure to share your 2020 travel tips and experience in the comments section below.  Happy travels and stay safe.