Back To Basics Quick Tip: Are You Doing This Right?

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Here is a back-to-basics quick tip as we celebrate our nation getting somewhat back to normal…are you doing this right…are you washing your hands correctly?  I would have never thought that I would do a handwashing segment on my morning show…and that it would be a popular segment!  If 2020 reminded us of anything, it’s that our moms were right when they told us to wash our hands and to not touch our face.  Watch my quick segment and tell me if you are doing it right.  I will be the first to admit that the technique I show in the segment was not how I taught my own kids how to wash their hands.  They know now since handwashing 101 became one of my most popular morning show segments.  See my segment below and be well as we continue to move forward through a better 2021.  Oh, and the cute flower-shaped soap suds I show in the segment…bought it on Amazon. Fun!  My KTVK Your Life Arizona morning show segment…watch below…



  1. I really liked that hand washing segment Rach, BUT- I was anxious to see what you might have to say about how you should dry your hands. I noticed that you appeared to just let them drip dry. What do you think about using a towel to dry your hands with as compared to drip dry or, blow dry? Unfortunately most of us don’t have the luxury of a blow dryer in our homes and drip dry takes a few minutes. The thing about a towel is how clean it is. Most of us are usually in a hurry when we wash our hands so the nearest towel is the only solution. The question is though, how clean is the NEAREST towel?

    • says:

      Excellent question! Thank you for watching the segment and including your important question. I had done zero research on the importance of drying hands so your comment encouraged me to try to find the answer. After an online search, I think this article gives the best and thorough response…

      Be well and thank you for following my blog! And for your terrific and helpful question 🙂