Get Organized Tips For The Family To Turn Manic Into Managed

Manic:  Having a family, period!  Balancing schedules, appointments, deadlines and more while trying to keep an organized home is not easy! Managed:  Implementing some get organized family rules and tools that have helped us to achieve a somewhat organized household…I say somewhat because there is definitely room for improvement, always…but here is what has worked […]

Back To School Solutions For All Kinds of Kid Issues

Manic:  Our lives now that school is in full swing, practices have started, auditions are happening at my girl’s community theatre and more.  The crazy back to school days have taken hold and with that comes lots of issues from overlapping schedules to stinky sports bags to pimples to manic mornings and more. Managed:  Came […]

Green & Clean: How To Dispose Of Those Spring Cleaning Items & Make Money, Too

Manic:  Me this Spring as my family and  l dove into Spring cleaning like we’ve never done before.  Managed  Figuring out what to do with all of the clutter we cleaned out like an old computer, clothing, piles of hangers, old furniture and more that would be earth-friendly and profitable, too.  We discovered a lot […]