Healthy never tasted so good!

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Two words enhanced my life last year.  Those words are Pomegranate Cafe!  If you haven’t tried the all natural and organic eatery on 40th Street and Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee, then you are missing out.  I recommend this place big-time!

My mother raised me on super healthy foods and this was back before organic and whole foods were buzz words.  I didn’t tell my friends that Mom’s spaghetti was made of 100% whole wheat pasta or that she gave me peanuts and raisins instead of potato chips. 

I just grinned and beared it, but when I left home, I did rebel a bit with sodas and fast food.  Now I have turned into a less healthy version of my mom making my family whole wheat pasta and setting out veggie tray snacks. 

I must admit that I can’t claim to be as nutritious as she is because but I do let them munch on chips sometimes.  And on special occasions, I drive my little darlings through McDonald’s, which is why I applaud the mother and daughter team of Marlene and Cassie for giving us another, much better and pretty darn tasty choice, pleasing Pomegranate Cafe!

My kids will even eat at Pomegranate Cafe!  Not only do they have a kids menu with items like banana smoothies and cheese quesidilla (customers can either choose cheese or a vegetarian alternative), but they also bake wholesome goodies like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies called the Cowgirl cookie that my teen son loves. 

A lot of the baked goods are made with spelt flour, which is an ancient flour that is more easily digested.  And instead of sugar, many of their pastries are sweetened with maple syrup or applesauce.  And they only use the real organic good kind of chocolate.  Oh yeah baby!

Scrumptious salads with homemade dressings, savory cooked from scratch soups like the delicious garlic potato I enjoyed yesterday and all kinds of entrees.  From the Arizona roll that is kind of like sushi to a veggie burger that a lot of the guys like, there is a good variety to choose from. 

Nutritious and delicious elixers, which is an all natural alternative to the popular energy boosters, herbal teas and green smoothies are offered. 

If you have questions about the ingredients, just ask Matt, the very friendly cashier and the cafe’s expert.  He can tell you the exact ingredients you are getting and how they benefit your body.

For the coffee lover, Russell is the man.  He makes all kinds of java and will add just about any type of creamer you want like almond milk or coconut milk.  Coconut water is also sold from the fridge.

I just can’t recommend Pomegranate enough because the food is wholesome, tasty and very good for our manic managed mom bodies and the staff is like family.  They truly care for each customer and want to know your food feedback. 

Did I mention the amazing slice of chocolate pomegranate cake that they served me on my birthday?  I never knew that decadent chocolate cake could taste that good and be good for you, too!

My mom cheered when I told her about this new neighborhood cafe.  I emailed her and several of my very health-conscious friends the Pomegranate link so that they could see the menu.  All gave a hearty and healthy thumbs up. 

Give Pomegranate a try for breakfast burritos, salad, soup or if you are like me, have the dessert, too.  Because at Pomegranate you can really have your cake and eat it, too!

Oh and try the daily specials.  They usually have two unique specials each day and I have yet to find one that I didn’t love.

Thank you Marlene and Cassie for bringing good health and your amazing positive energy to Phoenix!  Healthy truly never tasted so good!   Check it out here


  1. I love Pomegranate too! Of course it’s always more fun when I’m able to go there with the Manic Managed Mom!