Super Bowl Snack Idea: The Very Versatile Veggie Tray

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Manic:  You’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party, but don’t have time to make appetizers to bring.

Managed:  Grab a pre-made veggie tray from the store.  My favorite one comes from Safeway. 

My family's favorite veggie tray pictured with fruit so I remember to add fruit and veggies to their meals.

This veggie tray saves the day in several ways.  Here are some tricks and tips to get the most out of this veg tray:

1.  Easy, nice, presentable and healthy dish to bring to the party.

2.  If I’m watching my calories, then I brought something that I know I can eat.  When my eyes see yummy party food, my willpower magically disappears.  Darn!  So, I’ll fill my plate with a lot of the veggies and only leave a little room for the bad (but oh so good) stuff.  Yes, that will be my trick today…well, maybe…maybe not, but it is a good plan to have!

3.  My kids love this veggie tray!!  I actually buy it weekly and set it out with dinner.  Now my kids do eat their veggies every day.

4.  If it you set it out, they will come!  Funny thing is that if you tell kids to eat their veggies, they frown.  But if you just set it out, they gravitate to it.  And every time, my two kiddos have a sleepover, their guests tell me that they love this veggie tray!

5.  Need to make a quick salad?  Just add some of the fixins’ from this veggie tray to some good romaine lettuce and you’ve got yourself a healthy salad that you made in no time.  I like to top this salad off with a little blue cheese vinaigrette.  Yum!

6.  If you are crock potting a pot roast, add the carrots and celery from this tray with a little potato and onion, one packet of onion soup mix and water, and you’ve got an easy meal that will be ready hours later when your hungry family appears.

7.  The shape and size fits nicely in my fridge, feeds a lot of peeps and lasts all week for my fab family of four.  And yes, like I said yesterday, they are also a finicky family, but they all love this veggie tray.

8.  You know you are eating healthy, when there is lots of color on your plate and just look at this colorful dish. 

9.  Yes, you can chop up your own veggies, but this veggie tray fits perfectly into my manic managed schedule.

No matter which team you are rooting for today, have fun and remember to eat your veggies with your Super Bowl spirit sips.

Guess what food item we are bringing to the Super Bowl party today?!  Time to run to Safeway!