Homemade Salsa in Seconds

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Manic:  I’m making tacos and I just realized that I’m fresh out of salsa!  Did I mention that my family inhales salsa?!  Me included!  We love the stuff!

Managed:  Remembered that I recently bought the Magic Bullet, so I decided to give the Bullet salsa recipe a try.  A cool little cookbook that comes with the machine includes a recipe called Seven Second Salsa.  Not only did it live up to the name and make hot sauce in 7 seconds or less, but it was very tasty to boot!  Read on to see the Bullet’s recipe that I highly recommend. 

What You Need:

                                                                                 2 boiler onions

                                                                                1/4 of a  jalapeno pepper

8 Cherry Tomatoes

2 garlic cloves

small sprigs of cilantro

salt and pepper to taste


What You Do:

1.  Simply place all ingredients, in order they are listed, in the Magic Bullet tall cup.

Before blending.

2.  Follow the Magic Bullet’s instructions on how to insert the cross blade (takes one second), place on Bullet base and then give it a few quick pulses. 


Several seconds later and already done!

 3.  Dip your chips in this yummy salsa or use it for tacos or breakfast burritos in the morning.  It is so easy and so tasty. 

This managed mom gives the Magic Bullet and it’s simple salsa recipe a hearty thumbs up!