Readers Recipe Contest Winners Announced!

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letseatFirst of all, I want to thank everyone who submitted recipes.  It was fun for me to make your recipes and my family enjoyed taste testing.  If you didn’t submit a recipe, keep reading because the amazing recipes are below for you to check out, print out and prepare and they were all good!  And I must tell you all that it was not an easy decision.  We truly went back and forth on our favorites.  With a yummy pasta, delicious enchiladas, crowd-pleasing pork chops stuffed with Gorgonzola and a terrific frittata that can made multiple ways, it wasn’t easy to choose a stand-out favorite.  So we took an official family vote and the winner is…..drum roll please….and keep reading because, as promised, we also have a second winner since all that submitted recipes were put in a drawing through to win a restaurant gift card.  But first our winner is….


Kimberly Bodine’s Tomato Balsamic Pasta Recipe!!!

fresh ingresdone Kim's pastaThis now award-winning recipe met all of our finicky family’s criteria!  For me, I liked the healthy ingredients and I used whole grain pasta.  For my hubs, he is a real meat and potatoes man, so he was happy to find a veggie recipe that he really liked.  For my boy (and his visiting friend that was over that night), pasta and teenage boys go together well because it is filling and gives the boys whole grain carbs to burn off with their high energy activities like hockey.  And for my tween girl…who is a picky eater…the aroma drew her in the kitchen even before it was finished.  When she saw the pretty ingredients cooking in the pan (pictured above), with all of the fresh tomatoes, she commented that this recipe looked good, so I was thrilled that she also liked it so much.  I also appreciated how easy this dish is to make.  So on all accounts, this is our winner!  You can get this recipe for yourself here.  We highly recommend it!  Congratulations to Kim!  Thank you so much for submitting this recipe.  Kim….please email [email protected] with your restaurant pick and you will get your $50 restaurant gift card!

Now for the winner of the drawing!  Just for submitting a recipe, our entrants were put in a drawing done through and the winner is…..

Sherry Kline!!!

Congrats Sherry!  Thank you so much for submitting your yummy Potato Leek Frittata that can be made a dozen different ways.  We love that!  Sherry – email [email protected] with your favorite restaurant pick, so we can get you your $50 restaurant gift card!

In case you missed any of these terrific recipes, here they are, listed in the order that they were submitted:

*Sherry’s Potato Leek Frittata


Kelly Fink’s Stuffed Pork Chops with Gorgonzola and Apple

Done and yum!

 Vanessa Garcia’s Easy Enchiladas On The Stove