Summer Skin Solutions & Hydrating Family Food From My Arizona Daily Mix Morning Show Segment

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Summer heat means summer skin ailments that include dry skin, sunburn, bruising and more. Keep having fun in the sun with these summer skin solutions that I showed in my segment on the Arizona Daily Mix morning show on AZTV7.



Info & Links from segment here…

*Sunburn, dry skin & minor cuts solutionBoiron Calendula Cream

This plant-powered first aid treatment is made from extract from the healing and soothing marigold flower. Calendula is paraben free and has no artificial colors or perfumes. It is naturally sourced and the Calendula Cream soothes sunburn and skin irritations.This awesome product helps to promote and healing with minor burns, scrapes and cuts while also helping dry or chafed skin. Get yours at Target and CVS stores. This stuff is my mom’s (and my) favorite!


*Ways To Stay Hydrated Solutions –

We all know to drink lots of water to stay hydrated over the summer months. Try to eat hydrating foods to help with keeping our skin healthy as well. Hydrating foods include:

*watermelon with a 92% water content

*strawberries with a 91% water content

*cucumber with a 95% water content

*lettuce with a 96% water content

Summer cocktails are fun, fizzy and delish, but alcohol can further dehydrate you and your skin, so drink sips of water in between your sips of your spirits.

To help you meet your daily water quota, Flavor your aqua with a refreshing combo of strawberries, blueberries and peaches.

To make the hydrating watermelon pizza pie, just watch the segment video above! You only need a watermelon, blueberries, kiwi and coconut. Fun for kids to help make as well!


*Give Your Hands a Hand Solutions –

Don’t ignore the skin on your hands. I have noticed that I have sun damage on the left hand and arm, which is my driving hand so that makes sense. Apply sunscreen to your hands and arms and keep your hands hydrated with a good hand lotion. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands (or wear gloves) when hand washing dishes. Chances are you are doing more kitchen cleaning with kids home on summer break. I like to apply a bit of olive oil on my hands when I have out to cook as it a terrific natural moisturizer.

Even though a lot of us are out and about and not thinking about Covid as much (so great!), don’t stop washing and sanitizing your hands. My favorite on-the-go hand sanitizer is Touchland Power Mist.


The Beach CoCo smells just like you are at the beach, which is so fun! The fresh refreshing scent is made up of several notes which include

  • Top Note: Sweet orange, Pineapple, Sparkling grapefruit
  • Heart Note: Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Coconut Water
  • Base Note: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Whenever a friend or family member tries my Touchland hand sanitizer, they always ask how to get one because the fragrance is nice, the formula is hydrating and the packaging is fun. Touchland has multiple scents and my favorite this summer season is the Beach Coco. Get yours at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Target, Neiman Marcus, Revolve and Amazon.

What are you summer skin solutions and how do you stay hydrated? Share in the comments section and stay safe and cool out there!

 is very proud to partner with Dillard’s Scottsdale, Boiron and Touchland Power Mist to share today’s helpful ideas. Some sponsorship and samples were received to try out the products. 


  1. Christina Davis says:

    I just saw this segment aired on channel 7. I loved your energy, you’re so pretty and carry yourself so well. So now here I am checking out your socials! ☺️ I’ve been using coconut oil for years and use it for SO much. Best multitasker ever. I just started using olive oil for my nails and oil pulling with it as well as using it to brush my teeth on occasion. It seems to help with oral hydration, I love how my mouth feels after brushing with it and rinsing well with warm water. Thanks for the fun tips and lovely energy, I’ll be trying the watermelon pizza. Stay beautiful!

    • says:

      Thanks so much for watching the Arizona Daily Mix Show, Christina and for writing in! Thank you for the sweet compliments. I’m feeling pretty good at almost 55 years old! I agree with you about coconut oil being a fab multitasker. I haven’t tried the olive oil tooth brushing tip. I will try that! Thanks! Let me know if you like the watermelon pizza pie. Thanks again!