Get Quick Tip Makeup Lips Look With This Tutorial

Thanks to the best cosmetic lips tips and makeup lesson EVER from professional celebrity makeup artist, Karen Hall …I continue to receive nice compliments about my lips. Over 10 years ago, Karen taught me how to put on the perfect lips. Her quick lip makeup tips have held up and continue to work great giving me […]

Some Of My Most Popular Blog Tidbits

To celebrate my blog’s 4th anniversary, I got to share some of my most read articles on my morning show recently.  I only had time to share a few so I chose some of the posts that happen to be my favorite, too.  So check this out to see me make our homemade and very […]

New Year, New You With Tips From Makeup Artist Karen Hall

Manic:  Me looking in the mirror seeing how my appearance is changing as I proceed through my 40s. I try to not let the new fine lines, puffy eyes and wrinkles bother me, but it does. Managed: Getting some great advice on this topic from Professional/Celebrity Makeup Artist Karen Hall.  Look at what she says […]

Top Beauty Product Picks by Three Top Experts

Manic:  The beauty product aisles, ads and campaigns!  With so much to choose from, how do we streamline our picks to stay on a beauty budget? Managed:  Since we are lucky to have three top beauty experts on our writing team, I decided to ask them what their top picks are when it comes […]