Prime Time Water Toys Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered into the drawing to win a set of cool Prime Time Water Toys.   First here are the toys that we are giving away and then read on to see who the winner is (winner selected through….   We received three fun items that include the Max Liquidator Luminator, […]

Summer Solutions for Bored Kids, Dry Skin Issues & More

Manic:  The stuff that comes with the dog days of summer like kids with time on their hands, dry skin issues and more. Managed:  Put together a list of solutions to those summertime woes.  See if there is something here that can help you and your family with those warm weather issues….and to see the […]

What’s New In Summer Water Toys & Your Chance To Win!

Manic:  Bored kids in the summer and trying to keep them busy without spending too much money and while getting them exercise, too. Managed:  Received some cool new water toys from Prime Time Toys, so we put them to the test to show you what’s new in summer 2013 water toys for your pool…or if […]