Gal Pal Bridget’s Breaded Chicken Recipe

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When I get recipes from other manic managed moms I know, I call them a gal pal recipe.  Today’s dinner idea comes from a gal pal of mine named Bridget. 

She offered this to me after my daughter had dinner with their family and promptly announced that her chicken was the best she ever had!  Yep, I had to get that recipe and I was thrilled to learn that it only calls for three ingredients! 

And today was a 3-ingredient type of day. 

Manic:  Today was one of those days when I felt like I just couldn’t catch up. 

I went from school drop-off to taping some cool stuff for 3TV to running errands that I had to do.  I did, however, take a break to eat a healthy lunch at Pomegranate Cafe, but I watched the clock on my cell phone the entire time knowing that school pick-up time was just minutes away. 

Then from my two school pick-ups, my youngest needed homework help and my oldest needed to be fed before we rushed to hockey practice.  So I sliced up an apple and gave him a quick bowl of soup, because that was all we had time for.

After practice it was time for a real meal, so I was thrilled to remember Bridget’s easy chicken dish! 

All I had to grab from the store on the way home from practice was chicken breasts and those french onions everyone places on top of the Thanksgiving green bean casserole.  Do you love those things as much as I do?!

Managed:  Got my kid to practice on time, got my girl’s homework checked and got the goods to make the chicken.  Oh and when my son returned, both he and his little sister got in on the dinner prep fun.  Read on to see what I mean! 

Gal Pal Bridget’s Breaded Chicken

Stuff You Need:

Recipe calls for chicken breasts, but I bought chicken tenders, too.


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 eggs

1 can French’s French Fried Onions

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees or fire up the grill, which is how Bridget’s family cooks this chicken.

2.  Beat two eggs.

3.  Let the kids get in on the action here.  Put onions in baggie and use a roller, as Bridget does, to crush them.  Here in my manic managed household, we used a meat tenderizer to pound those onions silly. 

My kids thought that this was a good time! 

My teenager pounds the onion so quickly that it blurred the shot!


Lil sis pounded much slower and both had a great time helping out in the kitchen!

4.  Moisten the chicken with the egg and then coat with the, now very crushed, onions. 
5.  Grill or bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until chicken is done. 

Fresh from the oven and this stuff smells delicious!

Yummy finished dinner that was easy and pleasing!

So that’s it.  It is that easy.  This recipe turned my manic afternoon into a managed quick dinner that my daughter appreciated. 
However, I must admit, that she stills says that Bridget’s is the best in the world.  So, I think next time I will throw this chicken on the grill just like my manic managed mom gal pal told me to do!


  1. Love this recipe…here in Wisconsin in the cold winter I bake these at 400′ for 20 mins.
    Chicken is so moist & yummy!

  2. This looks de-lish. I’m going to add it to my “Must Try” recipe list.

    • It is yummy! Thanks for reading so much of my blog and for all of your great comments. I just love your blog. is so good. You are super talented, Lisa!