Great Guac Recipe

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Manic:  Need an impressive, but easy appetizer to bring to a party and you don’t have a lot of  time.

Managed:  Trader Joe’s has an amazing cheat kit for really good guacamole!  Every time I make it, folks ask me for the recipe.  In addition to the Trader Joe’s kit, I add two more ingredients to give my guac that extra kick that people love. 

Ready to mix & lots of color means a healthy dish!

Here is the recipe, so the next time you need to impress with less, you can try this:

Great Guac Recipe

    Stuff You Need:

           Trader Joe’s guacamole kit

         1/2 package of   McCormick Produce Partners Great Guacamole Mix – Spicy

dash of sea salt

1.  Chop and mix the avocado, tomato, garlic cloves, onion and jalapeno pepper from the kit.  Squeeze the lime juice into the mixture.

Trader's Joe Kit includes 2 avocados, 1 tomato, 1 lime, garlic, onion and 1 jalapeno pepper. I buy the spice packet at Safeway.

2.  Next pour in half of the McCormick packet and save the other half for next time.  Since the kit comes with a jalapeno pepper, half of the spicy packet is plenty.  Also add a dash of sea salt.

3.  My other trick is to use a potato masher to get just the right consistency. 

4.  That’s it!  You are done.  Add chips of your choice, go to the party and be ready to give out my website if folks ask you for the recipe! 

I like to serve it with the Trader Joe's Spicy Soy & Flaxseed chips. Delicious!

This guac recipe also enhances enchiladas, tacos and those breakfast burritos I showed a couple of days ago.  Hungry yet?  Make a batch and have a great weekend!


  1. I’ve never seen this before but I am going to put it in my back pocket for later
    usage. The kit comes with all the ingredients that I put in my guac minus cilantro. I
    could easily pick up a bundle and be on my way. Thanks for the demo.

  2. You are so welcome and it is always good! The food in the kit seems to always be just ripe enough and just right. I’ve had other friends tell me that they add cilantro, too. Maybe I’ll add that next time, too!

  3. Yes…I love it! Great with a splash of lime, too.