Last Second Salad Recipe

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Manic:  Company is coming for dinner and you already have a lot to prepare, so you need a simple last second salad.

Managed:  Cheat!  Try this salad idea.  I’m almost embarrassed to post it because it is so easy.  However, I’ve had gal pals I’ve shared this trick with tell me that they think it is a good idea, so here it is.

Last Second Salad Recipe

Stuff You Need:

1 head of romaine lettuce

1/4 lb. of your grocer’s Greek salad fresh from the deli

Feta cheese to sprinkle on top – your desired amount (I forgot to do this in my pictured salad!)

What You Do:

1.  With all of the other courses you have to prepare when making dinner for guests, simply combining the deli Greek salad with the lettuce gives you an instant last second salad.  Plus the deli Greek salad has enough dressing already on it, so no additional dressing is needed, but taste it and then decide for yourself if you need to add extra dressing.

And remember to use romaine lettuce for good health.  Did you know that romaine has 6 times more Vitamin C and 8 times more beta-carotene than iceberg lettuce?   Good to know and healthy to eat.

Share your simple salad recipes here in the comments section.  And remember this last second salad idea the next time you need to cheat a little to get everything out on time.  That is the tricky part, getting all the courses out together, hot, fresh…and at the same time.  This salad makes that job a little easier.  Try it.




  1. One of my fave, fast salads:

    Fresh bunch of spinach (always wash VERY well)
    Fresh, sliced strawberries
    Poppyseed dressing (we like Marie’s – in the refrigerated section within procuce dept.)

    Toss and enjoy!

    • We tried Rachele’s idea the other night, with hamburgers on the grill. The only thing I did different that was easy and fun for the kids, because we all know some kids dont like the same dressing and all the veggies that we like. So I bought the big Romaine lettuce and filled them with Chicken Salad, almost like a taco or a buriito or a lettuce wrap. The kids loved them and I didnt have to cut up or break up their lettuce, while my husband and I enjoyed the Greek Salad on the Romaine Lettuce, minus the Black Olives, which my kids ate off my plate and put them on their fingers and ate them all up.