My 3TV Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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What fun we had on the morning show I work on, KTVK’s Your Life A to Z show on 3TV because we impersonated (or we sort of impersonated, I should say) a group of celebrity chefs complete with yummy recipes, too!

Our morning show cast of characters and the chefs we portrayed!

Our morning show cast of characters and the chefs we portrayed!

Can you guess who I was asked to portray?  I will give you a hint with this picture of me on set in my costume…rr-costume

Yep, another Rachel!  I mean Rachael, as in Rachael Ray!  I had a blast being Ms Ray!  And if you want the yummy, easy 30 minute (Rachael’s 30 minute style) recipe that I showed from my own kitchen, here it is.  This is my family’s favorite recipe ever.
cp-pieA few years ago I worked with awesome Shamrock Farms and we taped several cooking segments in my kitchen.  Here is that video with this same recipe, so you can see it step by step. The written recipe appears below the video.  That can be printed out from this page.  Try it and enjoy!


What You Need:

 1 can of cream of potato soup

1 can Veg All Veggies, drained

1 package Tyson Grilled & Ready Southwestern Chicken Strips

3/4 cup mik

1/8 teaspoon pepper

2 frozen pie crusts

What You Do:


1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2.  Combine and mix all ingredients except pie crusts and keep the crusts frozen until you are ready to use.

Note:  I cut my chicken strips into bite sized pieces.  You can also use a cooked Rotisserie one from the grocery store.  Tyson’s Southwestern Chicken Strips are what give my pot pie that little kick of spice that I’m told folks love.  Even my kids like that bit of spice in every bite.

3.  Next pour the mixture into one frozen pie crust.  It is very important that you keep your crusts frozen until you are ready to assemble the pot pie.

4.  To fake make (since this is not a homemade crust – no time for that!) that perfect top crust, simply pop the other frozen crust right out of the pan and place on top of the pot pie.  This is such a cool and easy trick!  If the crust is truly frozen, it should pop right out after you loosen the edges.

5.  Cut a slit in middle of the top crust for venting during baking and bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.