My Mom’s Healthy Cinnamon Nutmeg Latte Recipe – No Coffee Machine Required

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I recently spent a glorious month with my beautiful mother in beautiful Maryland.  While there, she filled me with nutritious foods and healthy beverages.  I came home feeling great!  I embraced all that she fed me as she cooks super clean and is homeopathic.  However, the one thing that I couldn’t live without was my daily cup of java.  When I realized that my mom does not own a coffee machine because she drinks herbal tea instead, she quickly assured me that she could make a healthy, tasty latte without needing an expensive coffee machine. I was intrigued and she was right.  I woke each morning looking forward to her scrumptious cinnamon nutmeg latte! With just five ingredients, no coffee maker and under two minutes, I was so impressed that I decided to share her recipe in my recent 3TV Your Life Arizona morning show segment. She joined me to share her coffee creation.  Take a look and cheers to coffee and to mamas!  Super simple!

My Mom’s Healthy Cinnamon Nutmeg Latte Recipe

What You Need:

Your desired amount of Starbucks Iced Coffee Blonde Roast in coffee cup

Your desired amount of unsweetened soy milk (can also use almond milk, oat milk…whatever you want)

1 to 2 teaspoons of xylitol sweetener – per your taste – can also use stevia or white cane sugar

sprinkle of cinnamon

sprinkle of nutmeg

What You Do:

  1.  Heat the coffee.
  2.  In separate cup or bowl, whisk heated (or not – your choice) soy milk and xylitol until foamy.  This is one example of a hand held milk frother hand whisker that works.  There are lots of other brands to also choose from both online and at stores like Target.
  3.  Top coffee with whisked soy milk and sweetener combo.
  4.  Sprinkle desired amount of cinnamon and nutmeg on top.  Yum!