The Cool Cucumber: My 3TV Segment – Cucumber Cocktail & Smoothie Recipe

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I love cucumbers and I’ve noticed that restaurants serve cool cucumber cocktails, spas offer cucumber-infused water and my favorite cafe, Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee, whips up a tasty and healthy cucumber smoothie…and they gave me the recipe to share!  So check out my 3TV segment this week to learn why cucumbers are so good for us, how to cut one in several creative ways and how to turn your cucumbers into a healthy cucumber smoothie or a refreshing cocktail called the Nolet’s Silver Cucumber Mint Lemonade.  Nolet’s Dry Gin Silver gave me this recipe to share!


Tune in next Wednesday to see my 3TV segment on how to find the best back-to-school bargains on supplies, clothes, shoes and more!