Your Favorite Beauty & Fitness Articles Plus Today’s Winner!

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Day 3 of our 1-year anniversary celebration brings two cool things:

1.  The top five most read beauty and fitness articles of the year….and….

2.  Our second Five Day Freebie Friday winner!  To celebrate our anniversary week, we will draw one winner a day (winner drawn through and today’s winner is posted at the end of this article, so keep reading!!!

First, here were your favorite beauty articles from our website in 2011:

1.  Tips for Teasing Hair that was posted on May 19th, 2011…

To see this article, that has more demo pictures, click here:

2.  The Best Eyebrow Pencil — A Pro’s Pick that was posted on July 26th…

To see this great article that was popular with our readers click here:

3.  Perfect Pony Tail Tricks & Tips that was posted on May 13th:

To see this article, click here:

4.  Fab Fake Eyelash Tips that was posted on December 20th…

To see this awesome article by professional/celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall, click here:

5.  Classic Headband How-To Tips that was posted on October 4th…

See this article by professional stylist and salon owner, Angelic at:


1.  Roman’s Recommended Yoga Partner Pose for Lower Back, Chest and Shoulders that was posted on September 19th…

To read the article that accompanied this cool picture, click:


2.  Roman’s Recommended Pose for Beautiful Breathing & More that was published on May 4th…

To see this healthy and helpful article, click here:

3.  Roman’s Recommended Yoga Partner Pose that was posted on September 13th:

To see this one that looks like it feels great, click here:

A huge thank you to our pros and writers, Celebrity/Professional Makeup Artist Karen Hall, Professional Hair Stylist and Owner of Backstage Salon Angelic and our Yoga Master and Fitness Expert Roman Acevedo, who also owns Ra Yoga and ra-Apparel. is so lucky to have their expertise, great energy and awesome personalities on our team!

Tomorrow we will show you what your favorite parenting articles were from 2011!!

And now here is today’s 5 Day Freebie Friday Anniversary Celebration winner!!!  

The winner is (drawn through

Monica Hansen!!!

Monica won the Beco Baby Carrier!  Congratulations Monica!!  Thank you so much for being a subscriber!  Stay tuned for your chance to win when we do another Freebie Friday drawing tomorrow!  Woo Hoo…Anniversary Week is fun!