Weekly Pet Pics: Lucy Laughs & Loves

Today’s weekly pet pics star my daughter’s lovely Lucy cat.  In the last week, she has made us chuckle more than once and I was able to capture her giving her Mama some love.  The first picture is a great one.  I went into our closet and I glanced over at my husband’s shoe rack […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Niner, The Hugging Homework Helping Dog!

Thank you Bridget for sending in adorable pics of your pup, Niner!  Take a look at this cutie.  I love his white paws… Niner likes to sit at the table with his humans and help with homework, too…. And best of all, he gives good hugs…Niner is a nice and very loving companion and we […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Just Hang Out If You Can

Even though I don’t get to do this today since I’m teaching Sunday School, helping my daughter man her fund raising lemonade stand and then completing a freelance deadline (not to mention all of the other jobs like laundry, organizing the family’s upcoming weekly calendar, cleaning out the fridge and more)….all of you should take […]

Weekly Pet Pic & A Holiday Wish

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… And these pups sure are festive since they helped to carve pumpkins a few weeks ago… These three cuties belong to our Managedmoms.com team writer Bianca.  Three times the cuteness in her holiday picture!  And how she ended up with these precious pups is a story that […]

Pet Pics: Constant Cat Companionship During a Rough Week

Woo Hoo….I’m finally feeling like myself again.  After spraining my ankle and then getting a cold virus that kept me in bed for two days, I can look back at the last week and tell you that it was a rough one.  Through it all, I still managed to get my kiddos to every practice, […]

Honoring Homer: One Inspiring Cat Who Made a Difference

I’m guessing only a few of my readers know about the very inspirational blind black cat named Homer who graces the cover of my favorite book called Homer’s Odyssey.  If you don’t know about Homer, I can tell you a few things without ruining the book for you.  I can tell you that a very […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Cuddling & Conversing

I often spy my cats doing funny things on the desk that I work on.  These two pics made me smile and I hope you all are doing what they seem to be doing this weekend…. Cuddling…. Conversing (doesn’t it look like they are having a conversation?)…. I hope you all are enjoying good conversation […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet Niner!

    Manic:  The new school year!  School started for us two weeks ago and just like that we are crazy busy again! Managed:  Setting some time aside every weekend to enjoy the cute pet pics that our readers send in….thank you!  One of my gal pals, who is a busy mom of two middle […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Two Cute Kittens Saved!

A big thank you to all of you that have sent in pet pictures for our weekly pet pic day every weekend.  I just love getting them and today’s picture breaks and warms my heart all in one because these cutie pies were saved after being left in a dumpster!  Such cruel people in the […]

This Week’s Pet Pics Honors A Sweet Scooter Dog

Several of our readers have written us when their beloved pet passes away.  It has been our honor at managedmoms.com to pay tribute to that special family member, so when our reader Jodie wrote in to tell us about the passing of her special dog named Scooter, we quickly agreed to dedicate today’s pet pic […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Naps Done Right

This week’s pet pics come from Mary from Maryland and her pets have it right…. Whether you are a cool cat…. Or a pampered pooch….These two know how to rock a good nap.  So follow their lead and take a nice nap this weekend 🙂 Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them […]

Our Reunion With Our Foster Cat Oliver In His Happy Home

If you have been following my blog, then you may remember that back in February a super sweet kitty cat literally showed up on my front door step.  After doing some neighborhood research, I discovered that he had been left behind a few weeks earlier when a family moved away suddenly.  That broke my heart […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Cute Cat Naps

Do what your pets do this lazy Sunday and take a cat nap or a pooch snooze.  Our three fancy free felines know how to do it right.  A good cat nap can work anywhere….on a desk, in Mama’s arms (in Lucy’s case) or all tucked in like Tucker… So cute and cozy!  We always […]

Weekly Pet Post: Our Reader’s Rescued Turtle

Meet James Caan, who was rescued by our managedmoms.com reader Chris….Chris is my exterminator with TruTech Pest Control and he also holds a degree in zoology.  In fact, many of TruTech’s wildlife removal and animal removal technicians have degrees in Wildlife Biology, Entomology (insects), Ornithology (birds) or Herpetology (reptiles).  So every time Chris comes to spray our home, […]

Weekly Pet Pic: A Dog On A Cat Tree??

This week’s pet post comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Trisha with momdot.com.  Be sure to check out her cool and very popular blog.  When I asked her permission to use this funny picture from her website, she wrote me right back and told me that her family has six rescue pets!  Kudos to […]