Your Top 10 Most Read 2011 Articles Of All & Today’s Winner!!

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I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our most popular articles from 2011 as we celebrate our 1st year anniversary this week.  It has been quite fun sharing the top articles in each category.  It has been really cool to look back every day and post your favorites.

A big thank you to my webmaster, Elizabeth for doing the legwork and researching and pulling these lists!  I absolutely could not do this website without her…and of course my awesome writers!

So for fun, we want to show you the overall top 10 most viewed articles as we close out our anniversary week celebration!

And keep reading because today’s last 5 Day Freebie Friday winner is posted at the end of the article!  We will resume our once-a-week Freebie Friday give-away next week.

So here is your top 10!!!

1.  Homemade Green Chile Sauce & Smothered Burrito Recipe that was posted on June 9th and this is my sister-in-law’s super yummy recipe from New Mexico…

To see the entire recipe and to print it out, click here:

2.  Bridget’s Design on a Dime Zebra Bedroom Decor that was posted on September 21, 2011…

To see this helpful and happening home decor article, click here:

3.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s Marvelous Mac & Cheese Recipe that was posted on May 25th!  

You can see that recipe at:

4.  Back to School Homework Dos and Don’ts that was posted on August 30th:

To see this terrific article visit:

5.  All About Allergy Skin Testing that was posted on March 18, 2011:

Arm right after skin testing!  To read more about this allergy testing, click to see the article at:

6.  Simple Sliders Pulled Pork Style that was posted on March 29, 2011:

You can see that recipe at:

7.  Tips for Teasing Hair that was posted on May 19th, 2011…

To see this article, that has more demo pictures, click here:

8.  Quick & Easy Halloween Dinner Ideas that was posted on October 31, 2011:

To see this tasty article, visit:

9.  The Best Eyebrow Pencil — A Pro’s Pick that was posted on July 26th…

To see this great article that was popular with our readers click here:

10.  Drinks & Foods that Keep Kids Hydrated that was posted on September 7, 2011:

To read this terrific post, visit:

So those were your overall Top 10 most read 2011 articles and I love that it was a healthy mix of topics.  Recipes, beauty, health, home decor and parenting all made the top 10 list which shows the diverse topics that we cover here on the website.  Very cool!  Was there a favorite article that didn’t make the Top 10 that you especially enjoyed?  Tell us in the comments section.  We would love to know!

And now for today’s Freebie Friday winner!!!!

The winner is…..

Lisa Forss from Mesa, Arizona!!!

(winner drawn through

Congratulations Lisa and thank you for subscribing to!!

We will have one more anniversary post tomorrow….a look back at the awesome website launch party pictures from one year ago, so stay tuned for that!  Thank you so much for celebrating our 1-year anniversary with us this week!  We hope you have enjoyed the most popular posts that we showed all week.  We’ve had a blast looking back and we are already quite busy with the articles that we have been writing so far in 2012.  What types of topics would you like us to write about?  Please tell us in the comments section!!!

Happy Anniversary!!