Weekly Pet Pic: Artie’s Adorable Antics

Adorable Artie has so many fun antics, his human mom Jodie tells us, like sleeping with his ball in his mouth just to be sure that no one steals it in his slumber…. So cute!  And have you ever heard of training a dog with carrots instead of dog treats?!  Artie will tell you that […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Pets who Pamper Each Other

Our cats are spoiled and pampered by us humans for sure and they seem to be pampering each other…. A massage perhaps?….. A bath… Life is good for these cuddling cats.  How about your pets?  Do they pamper each other, too?  So cute! Send us your pet pics to Rachel@managedmoms.com and have a great Sunday.

Weekly Pet Pic: A Feline Fist Bump

Happy Saturday.  I hope you all are  having a great day.  Today’s weekly pet pic stars our Stan and my daughter says that this is a feline fist bump!  Do you agree?  Here is the pic…. And I think this one is pretty cute, too…. We love our friendly Stan the man cat that we […]

Weekly Pet Pic: She Did It & She Owns It!

Our Lucy cat makes us laugh daily.  As I was looking back at our 2013 cat pics, I came across these two that I think will make you laugh, too.  No need to try to guess which cat in our home knocked down the decorative centerpiece… ….or literally stole the spiders right off the Halloween […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet the Truly Terrific Tabitha!

I absolutely love when I hear stories of dogs and cats becoming fast and furever friends, so I was thrilled to receive this week’s pet pictures sent to us from managedmoms.com reader Jennifer Spear and her family!  Jennifer’s family have the most wonderful and loving dog named Emme and they had been wanting to add […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Our Crazy Christmas Cat

Manic:  Christmas preparations with the tree, the gifts, the shipping, the baking and more.  It is joyful and fun, but truth be told, it can be a bit manic, too.  And whenever my daughter cheers that there is X amount of days left before Christmas, I pretend to cheer with her, but I’m looking at […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Cute Cuddly Kittens!

One of my favorite things in life is a kitten and our managedmoms.com reader, Mary sent us two pictures that make me want to cuddle with these cuties!  Take a look….And here they are with their loving Mama… How cute are they?!  The orange cutie is named Ollie, the cute Calico is Roo and the grey/brown […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Teddy’s Christmas Picture

Last week I was visiting my friend and managedmoms.com team writer, Julie when I snapped this cute picture of her beautiful dog, Teddy.  Not only does this photo capture his beauty, but seeing the hanging stockings with the initials of his human Mom and Dad in the background makes this a perfect pet pic this […]

Weekly Pet Pic & A Holiday Wish

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… And these pups sure are festive since they helped to carve pumpkins a few weeks ago… These three cuties belong to our Managedmoms.com team writer Bianca.  Three times the cuteness in her holiday picture!  And how she ended up with these precious pups is a story that […]

Pet Pics: Constant Cat Companionship During a Rough Week

Woo Hoo….I’m finally feeling like myself again.  After spraining my ankle and then getting a cold virus that kept me in bed for two days, I can look back at the last week and tell you that it was a rough one.  Through it all, I still managed to get my kiddos to every practice, […]

Weekly Pet Pic: A Happy Beginning for Artie!

I love doing our weekly pet picture and I especially love it when it is a picture of a sweet animal with the news that he or she has been adopted from a shelter. Today’s cute pooch is Artie and his new Mom, Jodie couldn’t wait to tell managedmoms.com all about him!  Such a cutie! […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Cuddling & Conversing

I often spy my cats doing funny things on the desk that I work on.  These two pics made me smile and I hope you all are doing what they seem to be doing this weekend…. Cuddling…. Conversing (doesn’t it look like they are having a conversation?)…. I hope you all are enjoying good conversation […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet Niner!

    Manic:  The new school year!  School started for us two weeks ago and just like that we are crazy busy again! Managed:  Setting some time aside every weekend to enjoy the cute pet pics that our readers send in….thank you!  One of my gal pals, who is a busy mom of two middle […]

This Week’s Pet Pics Honors A Sweet Scooter Dog

Several of our readers have written us when their beloved pet passes away.  It has been our honor at managedmoms.com to pay tribute to that special family member, so when our reader Jodie wrote in to tell us about the passing of her special dog named Scooter, we quickly agreed to dedicate today’s pet pic […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Naps Done Right

This week’s pet pics come from Mary from Maryland and her pets have it right…. Whether you are a cool cat…. Or a pampered pooch….These two know how to rock a good nap.  So follow their lead and take a nice nap this weekend 🙂 Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them […]