Road Trip with Rach Quick Tip: Phoenix To LA Recommended Road Trip Food Stops

A lot of Phoenix residents make the Phoenix to LA drive. Some, like myself, hit the road to the City of Angels multiple times each year. Maybe you’re taking the kids to Disneyland, to vacation at the Santa Monica pier or maybe to Anaheim for your child’s sports tournament. Perhaps your journey is a quick […]

Checking Back In Hotels During Pandemic – My Marina del Rey Hotel Stay

I love to stay at hotels.  Always have.  Always will.  So when I decided to finally venture back out there in the midst of the pandemic we are forced to continue to still live with, I decided on The Marina del Rey Hotel located in pretty…you guessed it…Marina del Rey, California.  So, what is travel […]

California Bound for Summer? Check Out this Cool Carmel Resort!

Manic:  Hopefully life is not as manic lately as the school year is winding down, but for a lot of parents, we become a busy travel agent as we launch into planning a summer get-away (ahhh…how nice does that word sound?!). Managed:  Remembering that I did an entire California road trip series on this website […]

Our Road Trip Adventure, Day 3: Carmel Exceeds Expectations!

     Manic:  After a scenic, but long drive from the second leg of our 1700 mile road trip, which was from LA to Carmel, we were ready to get there.  And all we wanted to do was eat and sleep! Managed:  Called the resort two hours before our arrival to confirm that our room was […]

Our Road Trip Adventures: First Stop – Santa Monica, California

    Manic:  Wanted to get away this summer, but didn’t want the cost of airfare and rental car. Managed:  My family decided to embark on an 1700 mile 10-day road trip!  When we returned, several friends asked me I would do it again.  Yep, I would!  Our family of four didn’t kill each other and […]