Packing Hacks & Tried and True Travel Tools: My Arizona Daily Mix Morning Show Segment

Planning upcoming travel? Read this and see my morning show segment to see my tried and true travel tips. I put a bunch of travel stuff to the test to help you have a less stressed travel adventure. Take a look at my top tips…and then see the article below the videos to get more […]

My Three Favorite Spring Cleaning Organization Tools From My Arizona Daily Mix Morning Show Segment

My first spring cleaning get organized segment went so well that the AZTV Arizona Daily Mix show had me do another one! Spring cleaning season has arrived and less clutter equals less stress. See my top three favorite spring cleaning organization tools in my segment below. I asked the show’s host Brad Perry guess what […]

Get Organized Freebie Friday Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s giveaway drawing for a chance to win several of the cool organization items that I showed in my AZTV Arizona Daily Mix morning show segment. If you missed the segment, here it is and read below the video to see who our winner is today!  Today’s winner get […]

Guest Post: How To Aid Your Bullied Child

Although my children are now grown, when I received an email with the infographic below about how to aid your bullied child, I agreed to publish this helpful information. Today’s guest post comes from Kids Car Donations… This infographic was created by Kids Car Donations, a local car donation center         This […]

Get Organized Gadgets Giveaway Drawing

Enter this week’s giveaway drawing for your chance to win several of the cool organization items that I showed in my AZTV Arizona Daily Mix morning show segment. If you missed the segment, here it is and read below the video to see how to easily enter the drawing. Entering only takes two minutes as […]

14 Spring Cleaning Cool Organization Tips & Tools

As seen in my AZTV Channel 7 Arizona Daily Mix morning show, here is my spring-cleaning cool organization tips and tools. Cutting through clutter and getting organized as you do your spring cleaning feels so great to get done. Less clutter equals less stress. See the segment and then look at my article underneath the […]

Our Tour of The FRIENDS Experience Traveling Exhibit

Are you a FRIENDS show fan like me?  If so, you may want to check out The FRIENDS Experience traveling exhibit that is currently in Phoenix through May 6th. I saw Brad Perry having a blast on this tour on the Arizona Daily Mix show, so I had to check it out! I took my […]

Freebie Friday Wellness Prize Pack Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Freebie Friday prize drawing! This week our winner gets… These wellness items plus a $25 gift card to CVS and the super cute Stay Cozy mug, too!  These are items that I showed in my AZTV Arizona Daily Mix morning show segment this week.  A big thank you […]

My AZ Daily Mix TV Wellness Segment Plus Giveaway Drawing!

As usual I had a great time appearing on the live AZTV‘s Arizona Daily Mix show.  Today I showed my wellness remedies that have been handed down to me from my own mother and from readers of this blog who have shared their tried-and-true wellness items.  Check out my segment below and then be sure […]

Freebie Friday Restaurant Gift Card Winner!!

Thanks to all of you who entered this week’s Freebie Friday drawing!  This was a popular one.  We may have to do more restaurant gift card giveaway drawings!  We had entries from all over Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina…and our Freebie Friday winner last month was from New York City!  Thanks to everyone from all […]

Enter This Valentine’s…or Galentine’s Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway Drawing

Is it Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day for you?  I like that Galentine’s Day is a thing.  Whichever it is on February 14th for you, this week’s Freebie Friday works either way because we are giving away a $50 restaurant gift card.  The gift card is good at a variety of tasty restaurants.  This week’s winner […]

Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Concerned Parents Use Teen GPS Trackers

Since a number of my blog readers have kids with a brand-new driver’s license, this guest post is timely.  I’m happy to now have young adults.  We survived the nerve-wracking teen driving stage.  Twice.  It’s a bittersweet time.  I loved when my two children started driving because it made life easier, but I didn’t love […]

Guest Post: Valentine’s Day Bereavement Gift Ideas to Remember Loved Ones

When guest post writer, Angela Worley of La Vida Mom blog (great blog so check it out!) asked to write a sweet article about coping with Valentine’s Day after a loss, I found her idea very touching.  Take a look and for those of you experiencing loss during this time of year, I am hugging […]

My #1 Travel Quick Tip – Surprisingly Simple Process To Get My TSA Precheck

I couldn’t believe the ease…only two days and $85 later from when I applied, I had my official TSA (Travel Security Administration) precheck number.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread, as they say.  The $85 fee is the membership cost that lasts for five years.  So, my quick tip today is my favorite travel […]

Quick Tip I Try Before You Buy: Gift Wrap Supply Organizers

Who else is getting organized in this new year?  After wasting money every holiday season buying gift label tags that I didn’t need because I couldn’t find them from the year before…I finally decided to try out several gift wrap supply organizer kits.  I try before you buy to help you decide if the purchase […]