Family Food Smart Swaps

Manic:  My daily efforts to try to get my family to completely (well not quite 100%…but close) swap out the junky foods for healthy fare in our busy home. Managed:  Got my goals organized with rules (although I don’t dare tell my family that my new nutrition/shopping guidelines are called rules) and tools to make […]

AZ Local: Visit Nonna’s For Hand Crafted Scrumptious Sauces, Pasta & More

I am so excited to tell you about my good friend’s delicious new store called Nonna’s Marketplace!  Lyn McGuire is my former cooking class teacher only because she left her students (who all adore her) to pursue her dream of opening up her own pleasing sauce shop that offers her homemade hand crafted organic sauces that are […]

Announcing My Pal’s Amazing New Sauce Line That Ya Gotta Know About!

Manic:  Me trying to constantly come up with dinner ideas! Managed:  Did a very cool thing last year when I signed up for weekly cooking classes with a couple of girl friends!  And now our awesome cooking teacher, Lyn McGuire has decided to share her goodness with all of us with her new line of […]