Terrific Travel Sized Beauty Products

Before you pack your suitcase, check out my recent morning show segment that has essential and good quality beauty products that are all FAA travel sized approved and will keep you looking good during your summer travels.  The best news is that all of these items are sold at Walgreens, so the price is right […]

This Fabulous Fashion Piece Is An Exercise Tool!

I had a terrific response to my article yesterday about the Fitbit and thank you for leaving comments, too.  I love getting feedback when I write my blog articles!  You are not going to believe this, but this beautiful gold bracelet that I’m sporting in the picture below is my bracelet that holds my Fitbit […]

Some Of My Most Popular Blog Tidbits

To celebrate my blog’s 4th anniversary, I got to share some of my most read articles on my morning show recently.  I only had time to share a few so I chose some of the posts that happen to be my favorite, too.  So check this out to see me make our homemade and very […]

My Morning Show Segment – Dry Scalp & Skin Solutions

Manic:  Dry scalp, chapped lips, dry skin and more can all be pesky side effects of allergy season and of living in a dry climate. Managed:  Found some all natural remedies as well as some product picks to fix these annoying ailments, so take a look as I showed these tips in a recent morning […]

Ten Under $10 Spring Into Spring Drug Store Beauty Products

Here are the Spring Into Spring beauty products that I showed on KTVK’s “Your Life A to Z” morning show this week.  Our blog beauty expert, Bianca, also a beauty expert for Walgreens, gave me her picks, I bought them and tried most of them out for you.  And since all sell for under $10 […]

All Over Olive Oil Beauty Treatments

Manic:  The expense and the time it takes to keep up my beauty routine from head to toe. Managed:  Looked no further than my pantry and found a magical bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil to treat the body with healthy and simple beauty ideas that will also save you money on unnecessary beauty products. From […]

Fab Fashion Pieces For Your Next Big Event

Happy New Year!  Another year begins!  Cheers to new beginnings with this new year ahead of all of us. I usually write a heartfelt piece about ushering in another year with resolutions, but my unscheduled time post a few days ago had that sentiment, so today I have decided to talk fashion.  Last New Years Eve […]

$10 & Under Drug Store Festive Fall Beauty Products

Shop & Think Pink With Products That Give Back To BCA Month

Every October, I look for holiday gift ideas, and other items, that give back to Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I found some terrific and unique items, so take a look and think pink to support a good and important cause….

This Month’s Ten Under $10 Drug Store Beauty Finds

Some are brand new to store shelves, some are seasonal so get them now and some are even loved by the Royal family in London…and all are under $10 to keep you on your beauty budget!  Walgreens beauty expert, Bianca gave me her picks for June and these are good ones, so take a look….

Beautiful Body Summer Solutions for the Family

Manic:  Swimsuit shopping!  Sunburns!  Dry Skin!  Summertime can bring some hot weather challenges for the family. Managed:  Found some summer solutions like swimsuits that flatter moms, sun protective clothing for the entire family, tips to prevent damage to your hair from chlorine and much more.  I also discovered some one of a kind custom nails […]

Funny Names, Cool Products? We Put These To The Test!

Anti Monkey Butt, Toe Juice, Hot Buns, Hog Wash and other personal care product names have caught my attention and I wanted to know if the products stood up to their unique names.  So my gal pal test panel and I put these to the test and we had fun trying some of these funny […]

April’s Ten Under $10 Drug Store Beauty Picks & Pans

To Celebrate Earth Day: Green & Good Beauty & Home Items

Manic:  Trying to find products that work well and are green and good since our family strives to be earth friendly. Managed:  Just in time for Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, I put together a list of green and clean beauty and home items that are green and good quality, too.  Check out […]

Undergarments That Work Wonders For Us Gals

Manic:  Finding the right kind of bra, underwear, tank top, cami and more when it comes to wearing what goes underneath for comfort, concealing, enhancing, detracting and more.  When you think about it, undergarments can do a lot of things and make or break a good outfit. Managed:   I interviewed our managedmoms.com fashion expert, Heather […]