For My Blog Readers: 35% Discount Off Massage at Movement Restoration!

One thing I love about having my blog is that I get to work with fantastic partners who give my readers great discounts sometimes and this savings is off one of my very favorite things ever…MASSAGE!  I like the hot stones massage, the Swedish type without stones, reflexology…pretty much all of it!  So a big […]

Teens, Text Neck & Movement Restoration to the Rescue!

Manic:  My daughter, her pals (AND myself included) and the amount of time we all spend texting! Because this full time texting is a relatively new phenomenon, I believe that we are all guinea pigs with this addictive trend when it comes to the physical toll it may be placing on our bodies. I also believe […]

Five Foot Injuries Later: Recovering Naturally Without Cortisone

Manic:  Me and my poor right foot!  In my 48 years, I broke the same ankle three times, battled plantar fasciitis and most recently sprained the top of my foot in October!  I have since healed and done so naturally, I’m happy to report! Managed:  For the 5th time in a row, I was able […]

From My Trainer: New Year Nutrition Tips

Manic:  The onslaught of calories, sugar and goodies that come with the holidays!  My pants are fitting a little tighter, proving that my Christmas calories and seasonal sugars have slipped through my lips and found their way to other parts of my body. Managed: Not gonna lie.  Gonna enjoy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day […]

An Injured Foot & Hypothyroidism: My Recent Health Reality Check – Ladies Listen To Your Body!

Manic:  Me…a few weeks back with lots of gym workouts (that was good) and moving too fast every day, literally (not good) as I worked to balance the demands of parenting two teenagers, a freelance career, home and more.  The logo that my original webmaster designed for me hits the nail on the head!  The […]

Age Appropriate Fitness Training Has Me Sweating…AND Smiling

Manic:  Maintaining a workout, with my schedule and with my aging body that grows older each day! Managed:  Found an incredible trainer who trains, while taking age into account, making the workout challenging, interesting…and safe for my age.  So awesome! And just because he takes age into account doesn’t mean that he goes easy on […]

All About Allergy Skin Testing

Since I am running some of my most popular blog posts to celebrate my blog’s 4th anniversary this year, here is my article that ran four years ago about skin allergy testing.  I thought this was timely to run again since so many of us are knee deep (or perhaps I should say nose deep) […]

My 2nd Most Read Blog Post Ever: My Plantar Fasciitis Alternative Treatment Results!

My blog just turned 4 years old!  Happy Anniversary to!  To celebrate and to welcome the many new readers who have recently subscribed (thank you!), I am running some of my most read articles and today’s is all about how I was able to cure my plantar fascittis and heel spur without needing a […]

Our Homemade Teen Approved Healthy Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Manic:  Balancing breakfast with busy school day mornings and making sure that my teenagers eat at all, much less gobble down a healthy meal that is quick to prepare as well.  Not always an easy feat! Managed:  Worked with my teen daughter to put together a homemade yogurt parfait that is healthy and that she […]

My Improved Bulletproof Healthy Luscious Latte Recipe

When I ran this a few months ago, a lot of my readers told me that they loved this healthy latte recipe that is simple to make in the busy mornings.  I’m running it again because I added a new ingredient, nutmeg and it is even tastier now, so check this out! Have you heard […]

Mix It Up With Battle Ropes In Your Workout

Manic:  Keeping myself on a consistent workout schedule.  In other words, getting there…and moreover getting myself to the gym so that I get a good sweat on at least four times a week. Managed:  Working out with a trainer who keeps it interesting by constantly adding new elements into my fitness plan.  Most recently, he […]

I Finally Tried Aromatherapy Oils

Manic:  Life….but in a good way, most of the time. Managed:  After hearing so many of my friends swear by aromatherapy oils and remembering how much I love the professional oils that the massage therapists use at the spa, I finally decided to try oils for myself. My choice is the Nectar Essences breathe me […]

Perfecting Your Plank: The Right Way To Do It

Ever since I discovered my beloved gym, Method 19, I have paid close attention to my form when I work out.  I am always amazed just how much more a correct exercise can be felt versus the incorrect way to do it.  A lot of us do planks, so I asked trainer, Bret Al-Imari with Method […]

Healthy Habit Tips for Busy Families

Manic:  Keeping my family healthy despite a crazy busy and absolutely manic schedule! Managed:  Brainstormed ideas with my family so that we can work together to stay as healthy as possible with the right daily vitamin for both teen girls and boys, time management tips that get the kids (and myself) to bed on time […]

Fun Family Fitness Ideas & Thanks To My Tween & Pals For Helping Demo This On 3TV

Manic:  Getting in enough daily exercise as an adult and enough family time, too. Managed:  Fun and healthy ideas that makes exercise fun with games that will keep you and your kids moving and interested.  I recently cohosted this recent “Your Life A to Z” morning show segment with fitness expert Wendie Marlais and she […]