Terrific Travel Sized Beauty Products

Before you pack your suitcase, check out my recent morning show segment that has essential and good quality beauty products that are all FAA travel sized approved and will keep you looking good during your summer travels.  The best news is that all of these items are sold at Walgreens, so the price is right […]

Our Top 10 Maui Moments To Remember & Recommend

Now that the crazy busy school year is back in full swing, I have found myself day dreaming more than once about our magical Maui trip that we took in June.  It was our first time to Hawaii and it was as wonderful as everyone had told us it would be.   A lot of […]

Staycation/Vacation Reviews of Hotel Palomar, Ritz & Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch Resort in Scottsdale

One cool thing I do for this blog is review hotels and resorts.  So a few months ago, I booked a mother-daughter getaway and we tried out three different properties in one fun filled weekend.  Our big splurge was the Ritz Carlton, then we headed over to the new Hotel Palomar in downtown Phoenix and we ended our […]

Our Review of the Family Fun Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

If you are looking for a family friendly super fun place to get away from the heat, check out the  Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix.  This review was written two years ago when I took my girl and her friend to check it out.  It remains one of our favorite staycation getaways.  I am […]

Travel Savvy Tips for Families

       Manic:  Traveling with kids, teens and tweens! Managed:   Here are some helpful tips to prepare your little ones for flight travel and to keep your bigger kids and teens entertained on long flights.  Watch this to see the awesome Monkey Mat for little ones and the Anker charger for the bigger ones […]

Why I Love Living In Phoenix….Even In The Sizzling Summer!

Manic:  The school year, especially during these hectic last few weeks when finals hit, year end performances are scheduled and more.  It truly makes my head spin! Managed:  The summer because my kids’ schedules slow down and I can catch my breath and relax a little before the busy school year starts up again.  That […]

Have You Seen The Fancy Remodeled Holiday Inns?

I was recently invited to tour one of our local Holiday Inn properties at the “Change Your View” event that was located at the Holiday Inn Phoenix Airport North.  As you can see, we had fun at the event and the remodel has me excited to stay at a Holiday Inn on my next trip. […]

Our Hotel Hopping Hula Hooping Weekend

Last week was Fall Break for my kids.  Some folks, who live outside of Arizona, have asked me what the heck Fall Break is and I answer with the fact that my kids start school on August 5th.  With such an early school year start date and with the absence of snow days (thank goodness), […]

Travel: How We Saved On Luxury Perks & Beware of These Surprising Charges

Believe it or not, we actually saved money flying home in first class a few days ago.  We also figured out how to get a free room upgrade at our hotel, get a few rental car fees waived and we were able to enjoy a late checkout, too.  Read on to see how we saved […]

Post Trip Readjusting Not So Easy

Manic:  The day after returning home from a trip.  Why does it have to be that way?! Managed:  Not feeling managed yet….maybe by tomorrow? Why is it the day after you return home from a trip, the stress returns?  I want to feel like this picture…. ….for just a couple of more days after arriving […]

Travel Alert: Protect Your Family From Bed Bugs

Manic:  Summer travel is fun, but it can be manic for the Mom (or Dad) doing the planning.  So much to do, packing, budgeting, planning  plus the worries about sunburn, bug bites and don’t forget the dreaded and very unwelcome bed bugs that can come home with you.  Ugh! Managed:  Decided to welcome Jim LaBrie’s, […]

Grammy Museum Visit Is Part 3 Of Our Show Choir LA Adventure

If you followed part one of my Hollywood adventure with my daughter’s show choir and if you read part two, then you know that I promised another post with yet another cool place that we got to visit in LA.  This one is really cool, especially if you like music and watch the Grammys every […]

My Favorite Hollywood Attraction For Families & Part 2 Of Our Show Choir Trip

If you read part one of my post about traveling with my daughter’s show choir, the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre Treble Makers, then you know that we took 1st place against 67 national show choirs.  That was amazing!  In part one, I told you that part 2 would run today, so here is the second part […]

Our Local Version of Glee Took 1st Place in Hollywood!

Manic:  I thought that manic would be a word that would appear in my article about traveling with my daughter’s middle school show choir to Hollywood last month.  I was wrong.  There truly weren’t any manic moments, if you can believe that.  It went that smoothly! Managed:  Everything!  All went so well and the trip […]

How We Survived Our Disneyland Trip Gone Bad

Manic:  Seconds after checking into the Disneyland Hotel, discovering that my kid needed to go to an Urgent Care pronto! Managed:  Read on to see how our mother-daughter Disneyland trip turned into a mother-daughter tale of illness, an urgent care run, a children’s hospital visit and more….and read on to see how we handled it […]