Wonderful Wine Caddy Decor Idea Inspired By Garage Sale Find

Managedmoms.com team member and writer, Bridget, owner of D.O.A. Interiors who is our resident design on a dime expert, recently turned a good garage sale find into the perfect cool home decor item.  This is such a clever idea and it would be super fun to give as a gift to a wine loving gal […]

Cord Controller Controls My Clutter

Manic:  The amount of clutter that our family has accumulated!  So we set out to do some organizing and decluttering this summer. One thing we ended up with was a bunch of cords.  Ugh! Managed:  Heard about a smart new product called Cord Controller and it has made a difference in my home.  I love […]

Refreshing Party Drinks For All That Can Be Made In Minutes

Manic:  Throwing a party (or attending one that is BYOB) and spending more time mixing drinks and less time sipping and enjoying the party because you are busy in the kitchen preparing cocktails and mocktails. Managed:  Lisa Gylling with her Popcorn Served Daily YouTube channel!  She recently showed two tasty drink ideas, one for the […]

Bugged By Bugs? What To Do About Our Desert Pests

Manic:  The number of Facebook posts that I noticed the last few weeks that talked about the unwelcome visitors that have arrived with the Spring season.  It seems like everyday I’m reading about scorpion sightings, worries about bee stings, black widows and more.  Speaking of those three pests, in the 8 years that we have […]

Green & Clean: How To Dispose Of Those Spring Cleaning Items & Make Money, Too

Manic:  Me this Spring as my family and  l dove into Spring cleaning like we’ve never done before.  Managed  Figuring out what to do with all of the clutter we cleaned out like an old computer, clothing, piles of hangers, old furniture and more that would be earth-friendly and profitable, too.  We discovered a lot […]

Spring Cleaning Closet Clutter Remedies

Manic:  My master bedroom closet!  It had gotten way out of hand….I could have been on the Hoarder’s show, I’m embarrassed to tell you!  Managed:  Got it together and did something that I’ve never done before…I hired a professional organizer and having her come over was a wonderful experience because I learned a lot and […]

Awesome Project For Recycling/Saving Kids’ Sports Jerseys!

Manic:  After years of hockey, our son’s jerseys are taking up space and this is space in my home that I want back, but parting with these jerseys is sentimental and may not be what my son has in mind, either. Managed:  Sharing a great YouTube video from my gal pal, the very talented Lisa […]

Bold and Bright Bedroom Design Ideas

Manic:  My house in the last couple of years because my kids’ numerous activities and crazy schedules have resulted in my time being spent more in the car and less in my home! Managed:  Finally made some time over the last few months to work on my home.  Decluttering, organizing and doing some updated home […]

Our Powder Room Mini Makeover

Manic:  Our downstairs guest powder room!  After living in our home for 7 years, the wallpaper was peeling off and was filled with unsightly streaks of soap and water stains near the sink!  I dreaded it when guests needed to use the bathroom. Managed:  Asking my family for a bathroom makeover for my birthday gift […]

Six Easy Steps to Transform Your Living Room

Manic:  My mind when I think about how I want to update my home decor on a limited budget and with very little free time to do so! Managed:  Received a great article about how to transform a living room with a few simple steps from guest writer Justin Greig. Justin says: Transform any living […]

Organize & Hide Those Annoying Cords with this Cool Tip

Manic:  Cords, cords everywhere making an otherwise neat room look messy! Managed:  Managedmoms.com home decor and get organized expert, Bridget shares what she did to hide her home office cords and it looks great!  Take a look… Bridget says: One thing that has always bothered me is the look of cords hanging on the floor, […]

An Easy Laundry Room Makeover

Manic:  My laundry room that houses the laundry, a washer, a dryer, cat food and cat litter! Managed:  Getting some great ideas from our home & garden and get organized expert, Bridget!  The picture below is not of my laundry room (I’m working on that), but of hers and it looks great!  Check out the […]

An Easy Door Makeover – Design on a Dime Idea!

Manic:  Any type of home improvement project makes me anxious, because I simply don’t possess those skills, but our managedmoms.com home, garden and organization expert does!  And she makes it easy for a novice like me! Managed:  Asking that expert, Bridget to share a simple idea that she recently had that turned a drab door […]

Design on a Dime Home Office Floor Makeover

Manic:  Anything that is a home improvement project!  I simply don’t possess those skills! Managed:  Being inspired by managedmoms.com contributor and design on a dime expert, Bridget!  When she recently told me about how she ripped out her home office flooring to install a new one, I was quite…well…floored!  This is something that I could […]

Make Your Backyard Pop with Paint!

Manic:  Tending to the many flowers and plants as they bloom and blossom in our lovely days of Spring that have arrived….and figuring out how to get my plants and flowers to really show up against the big brick wall that separates our yards from the others in the neighborhood. Managed:  Finding an inexpensive and […]